Alia Mai MSW, RCC

Alia Mai MSW, RCC

About Me

I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a deep passion for guiding individuals to unlock their potential, shape the life they envision, and embark on a transformative journey towards self-awareness and healing from trauma.

Before delving into my own story, let me pose a few thought-provoking questions:

These questions strike at the heart of our connection to our Self. Throughout my journey, I’ve pondered them, especially in uncertainty. The connection to our SELF is the most vital relationship we cultivate in life.. My passion is guiding individuals to discover who they truly are. I offer unique tools and perspectives to aid your journey towards authenticity. I’m here to help you break free from old patterns, empowering you to navigate your path. I believe in your ability to overcome obstacles and am here to support you.

As your therapist, I don't heal you. I believe in your inherent wisdom and capacity for healing. My role is to illuminate the wound and assist in its cleansing, activating your self-healing abilities.

About Alia

In my decade-plus of practicing counseling and social work, I’ve gained invaluable insights not only from formal training and education but also from real-life experiences and hands-on practice. My passion for this work has deepened over time, as I’ve grown more confident through both successes and failures. With the support of wonderful colleagues and supervisors, I’ve learned and evolved along the journey.

Ten years ago, my practice began with frontline work in downtown Toronto, supporting individuals facing homelessness, substance abuse, and profound trauma. These early experiences continue to shape me in private practice today.

Additionally, my upbringing as a first-generation Canadian of South African, Indian descent has profoundly influenced my perspective. Straddling the line between cultures, values, and identities has been a lifelong challenge. While these experiences have made me more resilient and I am grateful for them, they haven’t been without their difficulties.


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My Values

When considering who might be the right fit to work with me, it’s important to reflect on what some of my core values are.

Diversity and Inclusion: I am committed to fostering an environment where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront, ensuring that marginalized voices are uplifted and heard.

Radical Self Acceptance: I believe that anger and sadness are natural and valid emotions that stem from deeper roots. My goal is to help individuals connect with healthy ways to express their anger, recognizing it as a powerful and essential aspect of our core selves, our passion, and our creativity.

Holistic Wellness: I recognize that much of our pain is rooted in systemic oppression. Society often dictates our inability to freely express ourselves, drives us towards burnout, and disconnects us from our true selves. My ideal client acknowledges these societal pressures and collaborates with me to rise above them while striving to maintain a connection to their authentic selves and stay functioning in a maladaptive society. A complex dance which we all must live with to the best of our ability.