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Therapy for CVAP

Crime Victims Assistance Program

If you’ve been impacted by a crime, know that support is available through the BC Crime Victim Assistance Program. You can apply for assistance to access essential services, including counseling. CVAP offers coverage for counseling services to approved claimants, helping you on your journey towards healing and recovery.

For more information regarding financial assistance for crime victims,

Or Call Victim Assistance services
1-866-660-3888 (toll free)

Who is a victim of a crime?

You’re considered a victim if you’ve been impacted by a crime, whether directly or indirectly. Reporting to the police or physical harm isn’t required to be recognized as a

In certain instances, the term victim may also include:

It’s essential to remember that you’re not at fault for what occurred, and you’re not
accountable for the actions of the perpetrator.

How might a crime impact you?

As someone impacted by crime, you might experience various effects:

Each person responds to crime differently, and all reactions are valid. Support and
assistance are here for you.

Understanding what a crime is.

A crime refers to an action that violates societal laws governing behavior. The harm caused is viewed as a transgression against society at large, not just an individual. Specifically, a crime encompasses acts contrary to the law, subject to punishment upon

Crimes can range from those against individuals, such as assault, threats, stalking, sexual assault, or homicide, to those against property, such as theft or vandalism.

You may not always recognize if what you’ve experienced constitutes a crime. If you’re unsure or wish to report an incident, please:

Financial Assistance and Benefits

Experiencing a crime can have various impacts on your life. If you’ve suffered physical or emotional harm due to a violent crime, you may qualify for financial assistance
through the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP).

CVAP provides benefits for victims, immediate family members, and witnesses, covering expenses like medical services, counseling, transportation, and more. While it doesn’t compensate for pain and suffering or property losses, it can help with eligible costs not covered elsewhere.

To apply, obtain forms from victim service programs or CVAP directly. Most applications must be submitted within one year of the crime, with extensions available for specific circumstances.

If you need advice on applying, book a consultation, and we can discuss it together.