Alia Mai MSW, RCC

Therapy for Couples

Challenges in a relationship are normal

Relationships bring immense joy but also a mix of viewpoints, habits, emotions, fears, and past experiences. When conflicts surface, we often resort to defense mechanisms and coping strategies, which can deepen the disconnect. These patterns can escalate over minor issues, leaving partners overwhelmed and yearning for meaningful reconnection.

Admitting your relationship needs help or pondering if you can mend it is challenging. Yet, it’s okay to feel this way, and taking this step together demands courage.

Equality in couples counseling

Embarking on couples counseling takes courage and trust in your therapist. It’s a challenging journey that can feel chaotic. My goal is to honor and uplift you both, creating a safe, reciprocal, and equal environment. Together, we navigate your relationship with warmth, intelligence, and integrity, aiming for deeper understanding, connection, and growth.

I understand a common fear in couples counseling is feeling unheard or that the counselor might take sides. Please know I’m mindful of this and committed to fostering a safe, unbiased space where both of you feel valued and respected.

My approach

In couples therapy, I primarily use the Gottman Method, developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. This approach enhances communication, fosters understanding, and
resolves conflicts constructively. Through assessment tools and interventions, we identify your relationship dynamics, aiming to build friendship, intimacy, and shared

The Gottman Method teaches practical skills for effective problem-solving and resilient connections. Alongside this, I integrate diverse methodologies from my decade of
experience, offering a tailored approach that guides you towards deeper understanding, connection, and lasting fulfillment in your relationship.

What issues can present in a couple and who do I work with?

Let’s begin.
I always initiate with a consultation involving both of you to ensure compatibility, as I
understand that finding the right counselor can be a unique challenge. Please schedule
your initial consultation below.
If we decide to work together, we’ll start with a couples session followed by individual
sessions to gather information in a supportive environment.