Alia Mai MSW, RCC

Supporting you to flourish amidst life's trials and tribulations.

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Virtual and In-Person in Vancouver

Welcome to my practice, where I merge diverse therapeutic methods to offer you a uniquely tailored experience, infused with warmth and personalized care.

Here, you’ll find a safe haven for exploration and healing, where we delve into the intricacies of your
journey with compassion and understanding.

I specialize in navigating the complexities of trauma, including those intertwined with gender, race, and identity, creating a space where you can feel seen and supported. Whether you’re grappling with challenges in your professional life, family dynamics, dating, or in relationship, my mission is to empower you to navigate these complexities with grace, empathy, and resilience.

Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey towards growth, healing, and self-discovery.

I offer Virtual Therapy globally and In-person sessions in Vancouver

What is somatic therapy?

The body and mind share a close bond. When stress or trauma strikes, our nervous system reacts, triggering a fight/flight response. While initially protective, lingering in this state can hinder us. Somatic practices help us reconnect with our emotional selves, releasing stored tension. If you’re feeling trapped by trauma, somatic therapy offers a path to release, integrate, and progress.

A direct approach

As a therapist, being direct and engaging is paramount in my approach. By fostering open dialogue and actively listening, I create a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions without any shame or judgement. Through direct communication, I empower individuals to confront challenges head-on and work towards positive change. With an engaging approach, I strive to build trust and rapport, guiding clients on their journey towards healing and personal growth.

Virtual Counselling

The clinic offers video counseling through the online booking system’s platform, Jane. If you’re new to video counseling or feeling a bit apprehensive, that’s completely normal! I recognize that building trust and comfort online may take time for some clients, while others may find it less intimidating to connect from the comfort of their own home. Many clients appreciate the ease of doing deeper emotional work from home, rather than having to immediately return to the outside world after a session. Wherever you are, I’m here for you, ready to embark on this journey together with curiosity and guidance.

In-person - Mondays 3pm onward
Virtual- Mondays 9am-12pm
Tuesday - Fridays 9am-7:30pm

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